Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Still preparing

So I got the kit. Inventory went pretty smoothly, with only two things missing that were supposed to be packed. (Some bolts and some spacers.) I've even gotten most of my back-ordered items already. Still missing seats, door and window frames, and a few other odd bits.

Mustang disassembly continues. The motor and tranny came out two weeks ago. I still need to pull the fuel tank, rear end, spindles and brakes, and the rear wire harness.

Didn't get to work on it this past weekend because I was replacing the struts on the minivan instead. What a PITA! The bracket on top of the strut wraps all the way around the nut and the end of the shaft. So you can't put an ordinary box end wrench on the nut. Using a socket on the nut means you have nowhere to grip the shaft except the completely smooth and amazingly hard body of the shaft itself. Of course, there's a 10mm hex end on the shaft, so if you had a 21mm ultra-deep-offset box-end wrench, it would be no trouble. Know anyone who sells such a beast? Neither do I.

Finally, I put the frame, body, and nose onto furniture dollies, so I can roll them all around the shop as needed.