Monday, February 11, 2008

First start scheduled

I was feeling pretty good about my progress yesterday. So much so that I invited my dad out for the weekend of March 8, for the first start. I should be able to go-kart it sround the neighborhood if it isn't snowy. So now I'm in a serious push to get this thing done.

But first, a picture. My brother points out that there have not been any long shots of the entire car for a while. Partly that's because it is hard to get such a shot in the shop, and partly it is because such a shot would let you see the giant mess that makes it so hard to get such a shot. But anyway, here are a couple:

I spent a bunch of time this weekend re-doing my fuel lines, because I had followed the build manual and bent them up in front of the passenger footbox. Now they hug the 4" tube all the way to the front of the engine, which is where the stainless hard lines come down. I have no idea why the build manual suggests that. I'm a short piece of hose and two hose clamps away from completing the fuel system.

What's left for the next few weeks is some electrical, seats, intake, O2 sensors, and the removable steering wheel. I'm going to leave the steering wheel for now because I can always slap the fixed wheel in place. I figured I just need 4 power circuits on the electrical for a go-kart. (Ignition, fuel pump, starter, and fan) So I ran 4 wires. I don't want to get cocky, but it seems like electrical is going to be very simple with the I*Squared system. Here's my trunk-mounted power box.

And finally, catching up from a while ago, here are those cool Russ Thompson pedals. I think I need some kind of stop to keep the clutch from coming up so high.

That's it for now. I had a couple more pictures, but Blogger isn't cooperating.