Monday, April 05, 2010

Moving along

It has apparently been 18 months since my last post. For those who were following expectantly, sorry about that.

I did eventually get the driver's side door on and fitted nicely. Then almost a year ago we had our third child, which slowed things down. But I'm back on it.

The rear hatch is fitted and installed. I had to cut the frame and reweld it a bit smaller, as most coupe builders have done. Installed the plexi to the frame with 73 little stainless button-head screws, each of which had to be marked, drilled, and tapped. There are 4 where the hole went through a weld and I broke either a drill or a tap. At those spots, I'm just going to cut a screw head off and glue it on for appearance.

I finished the passenger door last night, more or less. It was not a good fit, and I had to re-shape the inner curve of the door to match the curve of the body. I had to grind so much material out that I went through the fiberglass in spots, so then I cut away some, glassed in a patch, and filled. But my patch wasn't a great fit either, and I wound up grinding it down again far enough to make a tiny hole. But the door opens and closes solidly, so what remains is basically just cosmetic work.

The two really hard things left (I think) are getting the windows fitted and matching the nose to the body.