Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Starting to look like a motor

The intake and exhaust make it look much more like a motor. Intake was pretty easy once I figured out that I was trying to put the throttle body in upside down. Which is to say right side up. I think my polymer intake is lower than the stock upper, causing the throttle cable bracket to interfere with both the fuel rail and the valve cover when installed in the normal way. I found incontrovertable evidence that the throttle body was previously installed upside down, so I put it back that way. Looks OK, but I'm a little worried about the throttle bracket and hood clearance.

I was going to try to finish up my fuel lines, but realized that I needed to know exactly where the right-side exhaust was going to be first. So I put that in. Now I know why everybody was chatting about how to tighten the exhaust header bolts. None would take a socket. Some were easy with a box-end wrench. Some required an open-end wrench, because they're so close to the pipe that you can't even get a box-end around them. One was so close to the pipe that the open-end wrench had well under 60 degreees of travel. That one is just not going to be tight.

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