Sunday, July 11, 2010

Packed up for finishing

I have decided to have the car finished by a professional builder. So the last few weekends have been wrapping up the electrical system and some other things that I thought would be best for me to do. Then today I buttoned up the car, did an inventory of my remaining parts, and boxed everything up.

I'm expecting to have the car finished in time to do some fall driving this year.


Daniel said...

David - just read through your blog beginning to end. Any developments since you sent it off to the builder?

What made you pull the trigger and send it to a professional builder? I'd be really curious about the experience there. I've had such poor experiences with mechanics that I'd be very nervous about shipping out the whole car build.

Fantastic project - thanks for doing the work of documenting and sharing so much of the process. Really good read - hope you continue to update.

Anonymous said...

Any updates on the build. How did the pro finish the car.

Anonymous said...

how far has the pro gotten?

Universal 180 door hinge kit said...

I've been waiting for your updates on how the project went. Great blog by the way! Thanks!