Thursday, August 24, 2006

I painted my rear end blue!

(30 min today, 11.5 hours total)

I painted my rear end blue. Specifically, "Old Ford Blue". I'm not counting this time toward the build. I'm counting it as donor prep. Because I spent way, way too long cleaning this thing for the paint. It was rusty, greasy, and covered with that dense black dust that I assume is tire dust.

I also attached the competition brackets to the rear end and did some test fitting of the various parts. I think the rear end will come together quickly, but I'm not putting it in until I change out the axles.

Speaking of which, I'm picking those up from L.A. this weekend. I'm also going to swing by Rev Wheel in Riverside and get some of their Halibrand replicas (340 Cobra). 17" x 9" in chrome, spinners with snakes included. For just $150 a wheel.

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