Thursday, August 31, 2006


(2 hours the last two days, 13.5 hours total)

I got my wheels from Rev Wheel in Riverside. I'm using the "340 Cobra" which is a rough Halibrand replica. The wheels were $150 each for 17" x 9" in chrome, including the fake spinners with snakes. I think they look pretty good.

Next up on the purchase list is tires. I've heard good things about the Potenza RE050As, so I'm thinking I'll go with those. Other major purchases still to come are the iSquared electrical system and an AC unit from North Racecars.

Latest work has proceeded smoothly. I opened up my rear end and pulled out the axles. Dropped one of the c-clips down into the depths, but I think I can get it out when I change the oil. My new ball joint separator tool works wonders, so my spindle adapters are painted and reinstalled, and properly aligned this time.

Unfortunately, I realized I need the spindle-to-strut bolts from the Mustang. My spring compressors won't go on the Mustang springs, so I have to figure out another way to protect myself from explosive decompression when I remove the strut. I'm still thinking on this one.

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James Ozenne said...

AC Unit? I thought it was a race car. At this point you might as well drop in a 1000W system w/ 12"s.